Hidden benefits of sustainable products:

When you replace something “cheap” with a sustainable product, there are so many benefits. These might include:

  • Healthier products: Many of our vendors got into their chosen business because the commercially available products made them sick or contained ingredients they were concerned about. 
  • Cost savings: While it's true you spend more money on a durable plate than a disposable one, you can use the durable plate over and over again, so you actually save money in the long run. The longer you have your products and use them, the less money you're spending on buying disposable or cheap versions of that product. 
  • Bring back the class: Would you eat a steak with a plastic fork on a paper plate? Of course not! Durable products are the classier, more elegant choice.
  • Resource Conservation: We create so much waste, why not take those raw materials and make something new out of them?