Terra is a dynamic and engaging speaker who uses humor and knowledge to bring messages of "guilt free green" to her audiences. She challenges us to live just a tiny bit lighter on the planet by changing one behavior at a time. 

In her TedX Mt. Hood talk, Terra doesn't dwell on the size of the problem, but instead focuses on the small pieces of the solution that can be easily incorporated into our every day lives and decisions. She believes that guilt leads to paralysis, not lasting change. 


"Terra is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker that presents the concept of "guilt free green" in an approachable way. Sharing her own story about her relationship with being green, Terra provides helpful information and encourages you to take small steps toward an eco-friendly future. She leaves you feeling empowered and in good company on the green path." - Meghan S. 

"Terra is an expert in this area. She presents information and solutions that are easy to understand and implement. I will definitely be more mindful when shopping!" - Jenna M.

"{I liked} her method of getting the message across and how she did not try to push it on anyone. I plan to use reusable shopping/bulk bags and refuse straws."


As a speaker at the first TedX Mt. Hood Salon, Terra passionately laid out why recycling is just the beginning and how we can all start to take action to create a greener world together. 

The more you know, the less you need.
— Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

Hire Terra to bring her messages of guilt-free green:
(If you prefer phone, please call or text 702-75-TERRA (758-3772) Thank you! 


Terra uses a "Robin Hood" pricing model that allows her to give one free presentation for every paid one. These presentations are given to college classes, Master Recycler groups and other groups without funds for speakers.